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Our sterling silver is true silver, 92.5% which is where the 925 stamp originates from. Beware of items which are described as "silver". Legally, an item may be called "silver" if it is silver in color. We do our best to ensure that our sterling silver pieces are truly 92.5% as dictated by law. We are an honest company who prides ourselves in happy repeat customers… We want you to simply love your experience with us! Sterling silver is a precious metal and can be collected as forms of currency... Sterling silver pieces are considered fine jewelry and meant to last ✿◠‿◠  Please be aware that all silver regardless of where it is purchased has the ability to tarnish. Whenever possible, we have rhodium plated our sterling to help slow down this process. If your sterling silver should tarnish, there are many remedies including polishing liquids, paste and pads. (DO NOT confuse sterling silver with silver plate. Silver plate is a thin coat of silver over a base metal which will most likely wear through and turn green overtime. We do NOT offer silver or gold plate in our fine jewelry) Real sterling silver, such as ours should have the ability to stay (or return to) shiny forever. These are beautiful heirloom pieces which can be passed down to the next generation!

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Aloha to all of our wonderful customers ✿◠‿◠ We apologize for the inconvenience during these uncertain times of the coronavirus. Hawaii is on lockdown and we will be unable to process and ship orders until the lock down for nonessential business has been lifted. We expect orders placed during this time will be processed and shipped within two weeks of the lock down for nonessential business being lifted. By placing an order during this time you are agreeing to these terms. Thank you for your understanding. Take care of yourselves and your families and friends… We are all in this together. Aloha and stay safe 🌺🤙🏼