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Tahitian Pearls

The "diamond of the pearl family"-Tahitian pearls are typically the only naturally dark pearl in the world. (The rest have usually been dyed if they are dark). Tahitian pearls are saltwater pearls and are created one at a time unlike freshwater pearls which can have 30 or more in the same oyster. They are cultivated in the black lip oyster. For these reasons they are considered the "diamond of the pearl family". Their colors can range from white (we rarely choose to use white) to gray to green (often known as pistachio-occasionally Tahitian pearls are dyed green to create a pistachio color. We only use naturally green Tahitian pearls when we have pistachio colored pearls available) to a multitude of dark bluish and other dark colors including chocolate (a brownish color). Most Tahitian pearls have dimples or birthmarks. This is actually a good way for you to be able to tell a true Tahitian from a "shell" pearl which is actually a man made "pearl" using crushed shells (disclaimer: it is possible to have perfect shaped Tahitian pearls with no birthmarks or dimples, but they are very pricey... We do a good job of hiding the birthmarks and using this technique we are able to offer you excellent value!). We handpick every pearl we use and hand drill each pearl as well. When we choose a setting or design, we also choose a pearl which will complement that setting as well as be complemented by the setting. Using this technique, we are able to give our customers a beautiful quality genuine Tahitian pearl piece of jewelry at an affordable price. Often times the dimples or birthmarks are visible if you look extremely close but we do our best to hide them using these techniques. Each and every pearl is individual and the one you receive will be like no other.

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