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Fun Facts ✿◠‿◠

  • Did you know that it is actually a law that we "Live Aloha" here in Hawaii?  "Hawaii Revised Statutes 5-7.5" (don't forget the decimal point if you look it up!) "acknowledges that the spirit of aloha is not just a philosophy, but also a law that all government and officials and citizens (and visitors too) are obligated to be in accordance with on a daily basis"... what a great law! 
  • Did you know that that there are actually around 136 Hawaiian islands? There are eight main islands, seven of which are inhabited. 
  • Did you know the the "Big Island" of Hawaii is large enough to fit ALL of the other inhabited islands inside it twice! 
  • Oahu is approximately 111 Miles around but it is impassible at the end of Kaena Point via car so you can not drive around the island in full. 
  • Oahu is the third largest island (Big Island is the largest, then Maui and Oahu) yet close to a million people live on Oahu. The remaining population of approximately 350,000 are spread out among the other islands, making Oahu by far the most populated. 
  • The yellow hibiscus is our state flower. 
  • Oahu's state fish was reinstated in 2006 after we neglected to reinstate it back in 1990. The Humuhumunukunukuapua`a is our state fish... quite a mouthful! 
  • On average Hawaii has over 200,000 visitors on any given day.
  • The average high air temperature ranges between 79 and 84 degrees year round, the low temperatures range 68-75 degrees. The water temperature ranges in the high 70's. 
  • It can and does snow in Hawaii! 
  • We have white sand, red sand, black sand and even green sand beaches ✿◠‿◠ 
  • Surfing is a school sport students can participate in. 
  • On average, the lifespan for people is longer in Hawaii than any other US state. 

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